Thursday, December 31, 2020

Now is a great time!

Hi everybody! Welcome to 2021!

2020 has been a rough and tragic ride for many. I count myself as lucky to be healthy and truly blessed that my family is healthy. I've been treading water for a while now after my life was shattered by an unexpected broken heart, divorce and relocation. 

Enough of that stuff....

I have been sewing and cooking up a storm with some friends, for stress relief. Having been on vacation and resting a lot since Christmas Eve, I found myself turning a corner. 

Trying new sewing techniques and cuisines has been a priority and I'd love to show you some of what I have been keeping myself busy with. 

One of my favorite new skills is making Jelly Roll Rugs. They are time consuming but simple, beautiful and useful.

To start,  make the "cord" by sewing  42 2 1/2" X WOF strips together, end to end. If you sew it as it comes off of the roll, its usually looks great. Then, you lay 2 1/2" batting strip onto the wrong side of the fabric. Batting side up, fold each side to the center and then in half. Do this for the entire length of fabric strip. It helps to secure the strip with binder clips before sewing and then after, roll it into a ball as you go.

I used the pattern from R.J. Designs and it was very easy to follow. Its important to have the rug lay on a large surface that is the height of the sewing surface to support the weight of the growing rug. Books will work if you don't have the right table This way, the rugs came out nice and flat. The one that I kept for myself has been washed in cold water on the gentle cycle several times without issue. 

Give this a try! It's lots of fun!


  1. Don't know how I found this so late but good for you getting your life back on track. Nothing helps more then doing for others. I have always wanted to try one of those but not sure my machine would handle it. I didn't really check out you machine I will have to go back and see what it is.