Monday, September 2, 2013

New Secret Swap Sisters!

Meet my new Secret Swap Sisters!
First is Wendy, from I am so crazy about her gift that I put it up right away!  This wall hanging is perfect in my kitchen. I have been pondering new paint in the kitchen and this piece will definitely help with inspiration.
Wendy has been so sweet, sending little notes along the way that really did make my day more than once.
 She basically showed me "how it's done".

Second is Julianne, from I stalked her blog and had lots of fun figuring out what she likes.
My little tease pre-swap qift was a happy stoke of luck!
 Who knew that she collected antique Singer machines? 
 When I read that Julianne loves tote bags, it was the perfect excuse for me to try my FIRST one! Monster Bash is a favorite of mine and it was a good time to do something for Fall. I think it came out adorable so, I sent it off with another little surprise, a fall table runner very similar to ones that I made for my own living room out of Bernatex Bittersweet. You can see pictures of them on the First Trys post, May 2013.

 Thank you again ladies, including my own Sister Dear, Michele,  for a few more firsts. I hope everyone had a blast like I did. I can't wait to do it again!