Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Fun

 Wouldn't you know it????? As often as not, when I am planning a big dinner with company, there is some sort of disaster at home. I won't have time for company tomorrow so I am making my traditional St. Patrick's dinner today. I got up early and started the horseradish sauce for the corned beef then started working on desert. I was just getting happy and the darn kitchen faucet started leaking under the kitchen sink! Not a good time for me not to be able to use water. What my husband hoped would be a small fix, turned into several hours and a new faucet!
Things are starting to settle down now but what a mess I need to clean up before anyone gets here! I kept going without water so I used every practically every pot, measuring spoon, measuring cup and utensil that I own. The Guiness cupcakes done, the corned beef is in the oven and the ingredients for the Irish soda Bread are ready to mix when my oven is free.

 I wonder if I can make time to put my feet up for five minutes and have a cup of tea and a cupcake!


  1. oh dear! Hope you DID get to put your feet up .. at least for a little while x

    1. I did for about 5 minutes. Thanks Diane!

  2. Oh boy sis! What a way to start your day. So sorry about that. But the cupcake does look yummy and I hope you saved one for me.

  3. I hope you found time for a little rest! It makes you more productive later :-)