Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another Long Arm Quilter is Born

Hi quilty friends!
I  have not posted in quite a while as my world, unfortunately, has been far to busy to  sew. Things are getting better and I took a weekend off to spend some quality time with my sister and sewing. I'm so grateful that she and I have this in common.

   This was one of my first quilt tops, quite a while go.
I gave it to my sister, Michele ( with a  plan for her to quilt it for me on her long arm machine when she was ready. I intended to keep the quilt so didn't mind the idea of her experimenting and doing whatever she chose with it.  
A year later, I was working on a gift for my dear father in law and decided to try and quilt it myself if my sister would be so gracious as to give me a lesson and let me try it on her Penelope.
I really wanted to find out if I even like long arm quilting.
So, off I went last weekend. Thankfully Michele remembered that we had Giggles to quilt. It was the perfect thing for me to practice on before I quilted something meant for a gift. Being more than a little intimidated by that huge machine, I was and definitely afraid to make mistakes.
 My sister is a great teacher and in no time at all, I was quilting away and thrilled that I had succeeded. I do need lots of practice to make my quilting flow more smoothly but gained more confidence by the hour, loved every minute of it and.............
Another Long Arm Quilter is Born!