Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bronwen's Fantasy

My Batik Adventure produced this quilt that I call,
 Bronwen's Fantasy
Batiks always seemed random and scattered to my super linear taste.
Now, I'm looking for my next project using them! 
I did the straight line quilting myself, for the first time, on my domestic machine. I've done this a lot on small projects but I really struggled with it this time. I just couldn't get comfortable wrestling with the quilt. I'm not the most patient person in the world especially when I really want to do something and there is a learning curve.
 I need lots and lots more practice. I think some classes are in order.

Parting with a quilt intended as a gift isn't usually an issue for me but I was surprised to find myself a little reluctant to put this in a box and wrap it.

 Bronwen squealed with delight when she opened it on Christmas!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bronwen's Fantasy-My Batik Adventure

I have a very colorful mother in law!

My Batik Adventure began when I decided to make my mother in law a quilt.
Bronwen is colorful, vibrant, bold and she loves adventure. 
I poured over magazines and blogs for months and months trying to decide on just the right fabric and pattern.
Hmmmm.....would this be a good oppourtunity for me to explore something different?

 I had seen Batiks but never quite "got it". Symetry is a very strong tendancy for me, most of the time and Batiks seemed random.

 From the minute I laid out the first block, I could see that this was going to turn out to be something special.
It's colorful and bold and adventurous and ZANY, just like her. The more I worked, the more excited I became.

                                     What will Bronwen think of this?