Friday, January 17, 2014

Bronwen's Fantasy-My Batik Adventure

I have a very colorful mother in law!

My Batik Adventure began when I decided to make my mother in law a quilt.
Bronwen is colorful, vibrant, bold and she loves adventure. 
I poured over magazines and blogs for months and months trying to decide on just the right fabric and pattern.
Hmmmm.....would this be a good oppourtunity for me to explore something different?

 I had seen Batiks but never quite "got it". Symetry is a very strong tendancy for me, most of the time and Batiks seemed random.

 From the minute I laid out the first block, I could see that this was going to turn out to be something special.
It's colorful and bold and adventurous and ZANY, just like her. The more I worked, the more excited I became.

                                     What will Bronwen think of this?


  1. If she doesn't like it, send it my way! It's beautiful.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I had to come and comment as soon as I saw this drop in my email ... what an absolutely beautiful quilt! I don't recall seeing this pattern before so it is now a MUST have for me :) Awesome job Tina!!!

  3. A wonderful use of color--such creativity

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  5. It really turned out great Sis!

  6. So creative...amazing batik