Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bronwen's Fantasy

My Batik Adventure produced this quilt that I call,
 Bronwen's Fantasy
Batiks always seemed random and scattered to my super linear taste.
Now, I'm looking for my next project using them! 
I did the straight line quilting myself, for the first time, on my domestic machine. I've done this a lot on small projects but I really struggled with it this time. I just couldn't get comfortable wrestling with the quilt. I'm not the most patient person in the world especially when I really want to do something and there is a learning curve.
 I need lots and lots more practice. I think some classes are in order.

Parting with a quilt intended as a gift isn't usually an issue for me but I was surprised to find myself a little reluctant to put this in a box and wrap it.

 Bronwen squealed with delight when she opened it on Christmas!


  1. Awesome job Tina!!! Awesome job!

  2. I forgot to ask .... what pattern did you use for Bronwen's beauty?

  3. Just great Sis! I'm really proud of you.

  4. Thanks all! The pattern is called Jungle Path. Moda Bake Shop does it as an adorable baby quilt.

  5. OH!! wow I DO love this quilt... And, the batiks are sooo fun in it too!!

  6. Your quilt is really gorgeous ! We love the colors, the symmetry, and the design. You've done a superb job on this beautiful quilt.
    Thanks so much for sharing about your lovely work !
    Best wishes, '
    from Marina and Daryl

  7. I think, I'd have to say that this quilt - design AND colors/fabric - are one of my all time favorite quilts that I"VE seen in blogland! Did I already read somewhere that you mentioned the pattern? Would you consider mentioning it again for me...(yeah, pea-sized brain...I have!) I have soo many batiks...collected over a "buhzillion" years. I'd love to copy your idea...with your permission, of course! =)


    1. Absolutely! I'm flattered that you like it! You can find the pattern on Moda Bake Shop. Its called Jungle Path.
      Thanks again Annie!