Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grandma's Cathedral Windows

My Grandmother, Loretta, did various kinds of "handwork" all of my life.  About 10 years ago when she was 90, we decided to make a Cathedral Window Coverlet.  At that time, neither of us did machine quilting, just hand quilting.  I decided on a simple color palette, muslin and a rusty leaf pattern and she set to work teaching me how to create these beautiful little blocks. She would do a few and I would do a few and then hand sew them together.  Even though she was 90, her stitches  were perfect. We got many done before she passed away.
I hung on to them and tried to continue it several times but found that I just could not bring my self to finish it
without her...................

This past October when I was going through a stash of fabric, I found the little cathedral windows and had an idea......
I'll frame them!
I had one fairly large section and one smaller one. I took them to a custom framing shop in the Albany area and through tear filled eyes, told Grandma's story and handed the sections over to be matted and framed. I was terrified throughout the two months it took for them to be finished but when my sister and I went to pick them up, we were both overjoyed by their beauty.

One beloved treasure hangs in my living room and helps me feel close to Grandma every day the other now belongs to my aunt, her only daughter.


  1. That is a wonderful reminder of your gramma... Thanks for sharing!


  2. Is this it? It looks like a very pretty red!

  3. Thanks! I really do love that fabric and my Grandmother did to.