Sunday, November 3, 2013

Its UFO Sunday!

Its UFO Sunday!

Finally, I was able to spend the day sewing! I really do need to get going on some Christmas gifts so I decided to spend today finishing up some UFOs.
 I used up some Bittersweet charm squares by making two more table runners from my favorite pattern.
I also finished a Christmas quilt that I have been working on for my living room, made of Aspen Frost!

 I've made quite a few of these runners because I really like the Bittersweet fabric and the simple pattern but I think its time to climb out of my comfort zone and do something with a new technique. I tend to get comfortable with something and do it many times in different color ways.
I Know..........really boring!
Thanks to all of you, I have loads and loads of inspiration from your blogs and my ever increasing library of books.
I do know that my next project will be a gift for my mother in law and it will be made from Batiks.

Now to find a pattern.........................


  1. Love the runners Sis but yes, time to try something new.