Friday, October 17, 2014

It's a Ghastlie Friday!

My Ghastlie Swap package was a truly special and appreciated end to this week!
 My Ghastlie swap partner is Jennifer Wellbord from Arizona.
I am at a loss for words, (which is rare for me).

Jennifer did an amazing job. This is a very generous, creative and fun swap gift.
The first thing I saw in this very full box was an adorable little pouch that is a perfect size for carrying around little supplies or even a fun reminder of my real life when carrying small items when I have to travel for business.
Next were some fun stickers, tape, mustaches (yes! mustaches) and two adorable pairs of socks.
These will really come in handy for our company Halloween party.
Finally is this GORGEOUS quilt.
I just LOVE it!
The center block is a good example of why so many of us went nuts over this fabric line. The quilt is backed by a coordinating fabric from this year's release. 
I am a Halloween fanatic and this quilt will now be a treasured part of my decorating.
 I am consistently amazed by this fun, cool, helpful, educational and most of all, friendly world of modern quilters. 
Thank you so much Kathy for hosting this swap and Thank You Jennifer!


  1. Yay, glad you love it! I had a hard time giving it away. And I realized after I sealed up the box that I forgot to include a note so that is coming in the mail to (mailed the same day as the box).
    Ironically, I have to go buy more of those mustaches tomorrow for my students :-)

    1. Are your student's children? I run a tech school and my students are adults and I think that they like that sort of silliness as much as kids do.
      Thanks again!

    2. I work at a community college as a student life coordinator. So I work with "adults" age 15-80 (although usually 18-50-ish). They decided they wanted to have spirit week this week so today is Mustache Monday. I cleared one Target Dollar section out of their entire supply and went to another & discovered they had more in the Halloween section.

    3. How cool that both of us are in adult education! That's an amazing coincidence. Have fun with Spirit Week!

  2. That is one great pile of Ghastlie goodies. Good thing I'm not close enough to snatch that mini quilt for myself!

    1. See you in a couple of hours but you can not have it!