Saturday, July 11, 2015

Milford Valley Quilters Guild Show and to Guild or not to Guild (part 3)

 Mind Blowing Quilting!

This Tree of Life Quilt was created by Gayle Shelton as part of the 2011 Botanical Keepsake Challenge using machine applique and quilting.

Both of these quilts maybe good candidates for my sister Michele's Stunning Stitchin Sunday series!

 Jackie Belton created this 2014 Keepsake Challenge quilt using Carl Bryer Fallert-Gentry's "applipiecing" technique. She exquisitely quilted this 30 x 30 quilt by machine.

So, to Guild or not to Guild? In general, how much does guild membership mean to you? What are the benefits? I am the sort that would rather not commit to something if I can't commit to it 100%. Especially if people are depending on me. With working full time and a 2.5 hour per day commute, I am concerned that people may be disappointed in me when I can't participate at the rate they may expect of members. Am I just being silly? I have never been a member of a quilter's guild. I would love to hear your comments on the MVQG show and how you feel about guild membership, in general, pros and cons.


  1. I belong to two traditional guilds and 1 modern guild. I enjoy being in guilds to get new ideas and have made some great friends over the years. I currently don't make it to every mtg as some speakers are not my taste (and I have a busy job too) and it's OK. On being involved, I've been a board member twice, it can be fun, but not necessary. Go get inspired, most guilds recommend you donate one charity item per year (nothing fancy) and if it's a quilt show year donate two hours of your time at the show in area you choose. So unless you want to and have the time, you do not need to be super involved and I love getting to hear speakers from all around country.

    1. Thanks Jen. I usually love any source of fresh perspectives. I appreciate your input.

  2. You are awesome! I appreciate you.